The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea Beach below Lubenice Cres, landscape Lubenice beach Sea Lubenice beach The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea


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photographer PjMt.

It is only after you have been at sea in your boat, but a diving mask on and have had a look under the surface that you will get an idea of the sea and the life in it.

The sea floor surrounding our islands does not differ greatly from the shore. Its appearance can be apprehended by the form of the shore. We often find underwater caves, crevices, abysses, plateaus and underwater reefs in this coastal area.

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photographer: PjMt | | country: Croatia | location: Island Cres | in galleries: Landscape, The Sea | categories: All, Landscape | currently browsing: sort by: publish order (desc), category: All
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