The Adriatic Sea Beach below Lubenice Cres, landscape Lubenice beach Sea Lubenice beach The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea The Adriatic Sea

Lubenice beach

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photographer PjMt.

The island's true gems are undoubtedly its many beaches, nestled mostly on the western shores, midway between Sveti Blaz and the Bay of Ustrine. Some of them have the look of a hollow shell, slowly disappearing into the emerald-blue sea. These shells have been washed out by centuries of rain and sea waves, waves that in time were able to round and smooth the limestone sediments from which these shores have been formed. Some of these beaches can be reached by walking on the age-old pathways that lead you past the "gromacas", the green spruces and olive tree trunks, while being accompanied by the scents of rosemary, thyme and mint. Others can be found by the camping sites, such as the almost 500m long Slatina Beach, while again others can only be reached by sea. To visit these, one should certainly take advantage of the organized daily excursions, which are also the only way that the so-called "Blue Cave" in the Bay of Zanja, governed by a spectacular play of lights and water, can be visited. It is hard to resist the call of these clear blue waters in which your submerged body takes on an indescribable feeling of pleasure and ease.

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