Cres by night

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photographer Sanja Galkovski.

The gothyc St. Nikola's church (15th century), guardian of travellers, especially seamen, is simbolically situated near the shipyard in Cres and the local marina. The Franciscan friary with a church and the Benedictine convict in Cres need to be added to this list. The Franciscan friary draws the visitors' attention with its two claustres, carved choryc benches and church incunabules among which is the glagolitic Missal, printed in Senj in 1495, just some 50 years after Johannes Gutenberg, in 1440, made known his epochal invention of moving printing letters made of led.


photographer: Sanja Galkovski | | country: Croatia | location: Island Cres, Croatia | in gallery: Cres by night | categories: Cityscapes, Artsy Stuff, Architecture, All | currently browsing: sort by: date (desc), category: All
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