The Museum In Cres is located in the "Arsan" building - the house in which the Renaissance philosopher and writer Frane Petric (Franciscus Patritious 1521 - 1567) was born.

There is as large collection of amphorae from the 2nd and 3rd century BC and collection of stone monuments on the ground floor. The first floor displays small archeological objects from various periods and a collection of books.

The Museum in Osor is located in the former Town Hall building. On the ground floor (loggia) there is a collection of stone monuments from the Roman, Old Christian and Middle Ages.

The collection of silver coins of the republic is valuable. Here also we find the model of the former and present day Osor which, picturesquely, enables us to stroll thorough the history of this once important insular town.

Sacred Collections

1. The sacred collection in Beli is situated in the small chapel of St. Mary's. The special point of interest in this collection are the numerous crosses from the 13rh and 14th century which were carried in processions. To see the collection you must look up the parish priest in Beli.

2. Collection of sacred sculptures and paintings in the Franciscan monastery in Cres.

3. Osor's sacred collection - in it are the canonical robes, evangelical gospel books, and many other sacred objects from the life of Osor's bygone bishopric.

4. The collection of paintings in the parish church of Veli Losinj is one of the larger collections of paintings of sacred character in the region. As in the case of most of the other sacred collections, it is possible to visit them with the permission of the parish priest.


1. The Gallery - Atelier "Solis" in Cres
2. The Gallery - "Art" at Hotel Punta in Veli Losinj
3. The Gallery "Levinger" in Veli Losinj

In addition to the mentioned art galleries, various expositions are held at the Adult Education Center of Mali Losinj during the entire year, from works of sculpture to exhibits of photography and the like

Cultural events

The Musical evenings of Osor - this manifestation certainly presents the most significant traditional cultural manifestation on these islands and elsewhere. It has been held in continuation since 1976. The period in which it takes place is approximately from 15th July - 15th August. Along with the works of classical music by world famous authors, the works of Croatian componers are also performed. If you are a lover of classical music, you will experience wonderful moments in the pleasant atmosphere of Osor's cathedral during the Musical Evenings of Osor.

Besides Osor's Musical Evenings, there are also other cultural manifestations held such as "The Days of Music" in Mali Losinj, "Lubenice Evenings", guest performances of theatrical groups from Mali Losinj and Rijeka, and occasional independent concerts by Croatian interpreters of classical music.

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